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Cook with confidence

We take great pride in our recipes at Sainsbury’s magazine and test every one at least three times until we think they are perfect. Recipes created for advertisement features are checked by our cookery team but not tested.

Weights and measures

We list base measurements for tins, pans and dishes.

We use measuring spoons for accuracy; a teaspoon is 5ml; a dessertspoon is 10ml; and a tablespoon is 15ml, and spoon measures are level unless otherwise indicated.


We aim to use ingredients that are available in at least 250 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. However, stocks vary from store to store, so if you are unable to find an ingredient in your local store, please ask at the customer service desk or call the Customer Careline on 0800 636262.

Food safety

Public health advice is to avoid raw or lightly cooked eggs if you are vulnerable to infection, including pregnant women, babies and the elderly.


For advice on drinking responsibly, visit


Our nutritional values are per serving (if a recipe serves, say, 4-6, the values refer to the larger portion size; if an ingredient is listed with an alternative, values are based on the first option; ‘serve with’ suggestions are not included). For healthy eating information and nutritional guidelines, go to and search ‘health labelling’.


Our meat-and fish-free recipes are indicated with the 'Vegetarian' label but they may use cheeses that contain animal rennet. Please check the label and use vegetarian alternatives where necessary.


Recipes marked contain no products made from or with the aid of animals or animal products, but always check food packaging to ensure it is suitable.

Dairy free

Recipes labelled 'Dairy Free' do not contain dairy products as ingredients. Always check food packaging to ensure it is suitable, as some processed ingredients may contain traces of dairy products.

Gluten free

Ingredients in recipes labelled 'Gluten Free' are all naturally gluten-free, but some may be produced in non-gluten-free environments. Always check food packaging to ensure it is suitable. For more information on avoiding gluten, visit